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How Well Do You Know Recycled Paper?

By Kenneth Barbalace
[Wednesday, April 19, 2006]
Just like anything else, the recycled paper you buy may not always be what it seems. There is a lot of marketing hype out there that tries to blur the lines between different types of paper and what recycled paper is to try and make some papers look "greener" than they really are. This article is intended to help arm the consumer with knowledge so that they can become a more informed consumer.


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Anonymous said...

Verizon are currently distributing new Yellow Page directories for the Greater Dallas, TX area.
I've not been able to find recycler that will accept telephone directories. I've heard this is because of the ink used.

I've not weighed my phone book, but it's porbably close to three (3) pounds.

This is an awful lot of paper to send to the City Dump.

dandelion said...

How can we be sure of the chemicals found in recycled paper? I have several recipes that are baked right in the bag. I'd like to use them, but I am afraid of what might be in the paper.

Anonymous said...

how do we know what materials need to be recycled then? i have 3 bin bags full of stuff that need to go but i don't know what stuff needs to be recycled please help me.

Unknown said...

IF it tastes bad it has to be bad. E.G. Prepared foods such as PIZZA in cheapest recycled boxes tastes and smells like toxic chemicals that leach into the pizza. NEW today. I purchased Farina Mills Farina (box is a clone of the Pillsbury Farina Box). After I've prepared it two ways, with bottled water then with milk .... in a pyrex glass bowl the farina had a slight chemical odor and a pungent chemical taste. Upon closer look at the box it is made from 100% recycled materials. It is extremely difficult ... with all the rah, rah "go green" .... to find any actual blogs or postings showing the hazards of purchasing food products in reprocessed, bleached, dyed and chemically injected ... recycled inks ... and what it will do to your health. Let's unify on this quest to eliminate any / all food products from being packed directly in cheap & poor qualify recycled paper products.

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