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Environmental Pollution of the Concord River

By Kenneth Barbalace
[Friday, February 24, 2006]
In Massachusetts, the Concord River, along with its tributaries, serve as an example of the implications that pollutants can have on our environment. Environmental Pollution of the Concord River, a Historic American Waterway


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ConcordRiverBooey said...

The Concord River is a great to fish. I go for the largemouth bass and Northern pike but there is lots more in there than that. I am glad such a close eye is being placed on the river and the recent trouble makers were addressed. In 2007 after this article was written the town of Billerica was fined a quarter million dollars for discharging some form of pollutant into the river. The Concord River is a fantastic historical place lets keep it clean, get those shad running, and have a great time out there!

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