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EnvironmentalChemistry.com now linking to select postings

By Kenneth Barbalace
[Thursday, June 01, 2006]
As an experiment, I am now linking select articles on EnvironmentalChemistry.com to their respective blog postings here. For a long time I have been interested in giving readers of EnvironmentalChemistry.com the ability to provide feedback on various articles I publish, but have been concerned that such comments would quickly degrade to the lowest common denominator of trolling and rude posts as I've seen happen on so many news sites that have tried the same thing.

Implementing a blog directly on EnvironmentalChemistry.com rather than using a third party blogging service as I do here would take a great deal of work. I'm not keen on wasting huge amounts of trying to implement such abilities on EnvironmentalChemistry.com only to pull the plug on such an effort because of trolls who simply like to attack others and stir up trouble.

If this experiment goes well and I see there is real interest in posting comments to articles I publish, I may decide it would be worthwhile to implement an on site blog rather than rely on a third party service.


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