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Sorting out Science from Junk Science

By Kenneth Barbalace
[Monday, August 21, 2006]
Wow, nothing like getting behind in blogging, but almost two weeks ago I published an article on junk science, but was so busy working on my site main, that I forgot to comment on the article here.

Anyways, reading articles on the Internet and talking to people about various issues in forums and real life made me realize how many people really do not understand how to critically evaluate information they read on the Internet. This is especially true when it comes to "scientific" reports and articles. The Internet is awash in junk science, poorly researched articles and studies written by individuals or groups that have specific political, social or economic agendas.

I really feel that people need a better understanding of how to separate science from pseudoscience and how to sleuth out the real agenda of the individual/group behind articles one reads. As such I commissioned my mother to write a tutorial as to what questions one should ask when evaluating an article or website. You can find her article at http://environmentalchemistry.com/yogi/environmental/200608junkscience.html.

It is a good primer that might just help you look at articles on the Internet (or in other media) with a much more critical eye.


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