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Firefox Theme Classic Compact

By Kenneth Barbalace
[Monday, March 10, 2008]


Like many users of EnvironmentalChemistry.com, we use Firefox as our primary web browser. I've been using Firefox since 2003 when it was known as Firebird and along the way I started customizing the default Firefox theme to reduce the amount of vertical space used by menus, toolbars, etc. When Firefox 2.0 was released in 2006 I had to rebuild my theme to make it compatible with Firefox 2.0. Since updating my theme took a great amount of time I decided to share my efforts with others who might also want a very compact Firefox theme and as a result, "Classic Compact" was born.

My objective with "Classic Compact" was to build a theme based on the default or "classic" Firefox theme and to remove as much padding, margins and border thickness as possible from toolbars, menus, tabs, etc. to make it very compact without sacrificing usability.

Classic Compact Options

Classic Compact comes bundled with a companion extension called "Classic Compact Options", which provides an options panel that allows you to customize the look of Classic Compact.
Available Options
  • Toolbar Button Sets (see screenshots):
    • Firefox 4.0 Windows (default)
    • Firefox 4.0 Mac OS X
    • Linux Gnome Human
    • Linux Oxygen
    • Firefox 3.0 Windows XP - Green
    • Firefox 3.0 Windows Vista - Blue
    • Firefox 0.9-2.0 Windows
    • Firefox 0.9-2.0 Mac OS X
    • Classic Compact 3.0
    • Classic Compact 2.0
  • Toolbar Back/Forward Button Background color (see screenshots):
    • None (default)
    • Green (like FF3 WinXP)
    • Blue (like FF3 Win Vista)
    • Orange (compatible with Linux Gnome Human)
  • Button Borders:
    • Yes (default)
    • Back/forward buttons only
    • No
  • Background Style:
    • Gradient backgrounds (default)
    • Gradient only buttons & tabs
    • Flat all but tabs
    • Flat
  • Toolbar Dividers:
    • No dividers (default)
    • chiseled dividers
  • Border Corner Styling:
    • Rounded corners (default)
    • square corners
    • round tabs only
    • square scrollbars only
  • Scrollbars:
    • Classic Compact styling (default)
    • OS native
  • OS System Colors:
    • Light/gray backgrounds (default)
    • Dark/black backgrounds. This option is users of really dark operating system colors. It changes the critical black/dark glyphs to white and light hues. This option does not change background colors of theme.
  • Merge Menubar into One Button:
    • No (default)
    • Yes
  • Tab Clip Width: integer value: This sets the maximum width tabs are allowed to be.
  • Tab minimum width: integer value This sets the minimum width a tab is allowed to be. The smaller this number is, the more tabs that will be shown before Firefox starts scrolling tabs.
  • Tab Close Buttons:
    • On all tabs (default)
    • On active tab only
    • Hide entirely
    • End of tab bar
  • Open searches in new tab:
    • No (default)
    • yes


PLEASE NOTE: As much as possible, Classic Compact uses the computer's system colors for menus, backgrounds, etc.

NOTE: Dark background colors are controlled by the operating system preferences. the "dark/black backgrounds" option only changes theme elements to be compatible with dark backgrounds.

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Classic Compact is fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux versions of Firefox. This makes Classic Compact an ideal theme for anyone who would like Firefox to maintain a similar look and feel across the different OSes they use.

Download from addons.Mozilla.org


NOTICE: Comments are user generated feedback and do not represent the views and/or opinions of EnvironmentalChemistry.com.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just upgraded Personas (v.1.0a6) and it seems it's not compatible anymore with Classic Compact anymore, when previous version worked perfectly :-(
n.b. : I'm on Linux, if that can help to locate the problem...

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I have never heard of Personas before now, however, I found its webpage on the Mozilla Labs website and from what I can tell it is not compatible with the full release version of Firefox 3.0, which is required for the latest version of Classic Compact.

There are a massive amount of changes between Firefox 2.0 and 3.0 and in order to make Classic Compact compatible with Mac, Windows & Firefox at the same time I had to deviate from the default themes in many very significant ways. If it is even possible to make Personas compatible with Classic Compact it can't even begin to be tackled until Personas is updated to be fully compatible with Firefox 3.0. Even then it might not be feasible to make Classic Compact and Personas compatible with each other due to the changes that had to be made to Classic Compact from the default theme.

Randall said...

I use Linux, and it appears that I'm getting the Windows buttons through your theme; any chance of including the Linux ones? I have no problem with having to select "Linux" from within the extension if necessary.

(If this is a double-post I apologize.)

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I could add new toolbar button sets, but I would need toolbar pallets that meet my pallet size and placements for large and small icons. Please see the following two image files for what I would have to have to add new image pallets:

Large toolbar buttons
Small toolbar buttons

Whatever button pallets I added would have to fall under the open source General Public License (GPL) in regards to copyrights.

I do not have a Linux box so I could not create these button pallets myself, but it would be easy enough to add them if they were provided to me.

Randall said...

After an extensive search, I've found most of the icons (so far, no Bookmarks, and I haven't found 32x32 icons for everything). However, I have no idea how the "highlighted," "greyed out," and "pressed in" versions are created; in at least some of the cases, it looks like weird GTK voodoo is handling it. I'll keep looking, but I might end up not caring enough about getting my icons to match.

Anonymous said...

KEN : "from what I can tell it is not compatible with the full release version of Firefox 3.0, which is required for the latest version of Classic Compact."
Well, I just saw that my version of personas is not the latest one (note to self, auto-update is not always up-to-date...) but it works perfectly with Fx3.0. I'll try the latest, or I'll switch back to earlier version that was working...
Thanks anyway.

As for the buttons, I use linux too, but I'm glad that your theme uses windows look'n'feel, I think the linux default theme is really ugly...

Anonymous said...

This is a very nice plugin, please keep adding more options to it, the more compact FF is the better.
I have a problem though. I set the tab clip width and minimum width to the same number so that the tabs won't change their width, but they still do. Are both width settings measured in the same way?

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

The tab clip width and minimum width options are actually settings that are a part of Firefox three, but are only accessible via "about:config" I have simply provided access to these two options via the Classic Compact options panel. I do not know exactly how they measure width. I would recommend playing around some by adjusting their widths until you achieve the effect you desire. Increase one or descrease the other until the width of your tabs stops changing.

Anonymous said...


Your Theme is very nice. But I have one little problem: If I choose to have the menus in one button, i can't manage to move this button into the toolbar. If that is possible, it would give some more space for the page...

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Once the "Merge Menu" option is enabled, you need to move your navigation toolbar buttons to the menu bar because you can not turn off the menu bar. This is done via "View" -> "Tools" -> "Customize".

Once all navigation toolbar items have been moved to the menubar you can disable the navigation toolbar.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great theme and options add-on. Would it be possible to add an option to change the vertical height of the tabs? Right now they are so thin that the favicons are taller than them which doesn't look very nice in my opinion.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I'm very puzzled by your report that the favicons are taller than your tabs. The tabs are designed to be the exact same height as the favicon plus 1 pixel at the top and bottom for the border. If your favicons are indeed taller than your tabs then there is a problem.

With that said, I am considering adding some new options including being able to adjust tab height. I'm probably going to wait a few more weeks before deciding what options to add and it will probably be mid to late August before the update is pushed to the Mozilla add-ons site and approved by Mozilla add-ons reviewers.

Anonymous said...

To further explain my last comment regarding the tab height, it appears to be related to the multi-row optional feature of the Tab Mix Plus extension where if you have enough tabs open to cause there to be more than one row it starts a new row of tabs beneath the first. It is only when there are multiple rows that the tab height is too small. I think it might be an issue with your theme not handling multiple rows correctly (though I wouldn't have expected you to test for this case) because when I switch to the default theme it appears that height of tabs is the same whether there is a single row or multiple rows.

I was going to link you to the developer version of tab mix plus that works with ff3 but it appears as though the site has recently become unavailable. I might be able to figure out how to get the xpi of that extension if you need it to test (or if you just want to use it with your firefox since its a really nice add-on).

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I could see multi-row tabs from Tab Mix Plus being a problem. The CSS instructions for tabs are goofy and negative margins have to be used to get tabs to render correctly. This in part is due to the not so nice DOM structure of tabs.

I can't fix the Tab Mix Plus issue without increasing the overall height of tabs for all users, which would result in an angry outcry from the "make it as compact as possible" crowd.

The solution is going to have to be an option to allow users change to tab heights.

Unknown said...


First of all thanks for making the Classic Compact theme, it's really great!

I am experiencing one problem, however, which is that the keyhole buttons don't seem to be working properly. No little dropdown arrow appears to the right of the back/forward buttons. And no text is appearing in the dropdown.

It looks like this:


and this:


Basically, this renders the keyhole buttons useless, as I have no idea (unless I rely on my poor memory) what page each blank square points back to.

If this is something you can address and fix, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks - j

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Hi J.,

Like you I use Firefox on Windows XP, however, I can not replicate the problem you are demonstrating. What other extensions do you have installed in Firefox? You may be experiencing a compatibility issue with another extension.


Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for your quick reply, Ken, I appreciate it.

I use a lot of extensions. :) They are:

Application: Firefox 3.0 (2008052906)
Operating System: WINNT (x86-msvc)

- Adblock Plus
- Add to Search Bar 1.7
- Better Gmail 2 0.5
- ChatZilla 0.9.83
- Classic Compact Options 1.1.2
- CustomizeGoogle 0.72
- Download Statusbar
- DownThemAll! 1.0.3
- Extension List Dumper 1.14.1
- FireFTP 0.99.1
- Forecastfox
- Gmail Space 0.5.94
- Hyperwords(tm) 4.0.2
- IE Tab 1.5.20080618
- iMacros for Firefox
- Japanese-English Dictionary for rikaichan 1.06
- Java Console 6.0.04
- Java Console 6.0.03
- Java Console 6.0.05
- Nightly Tester Tools 2.0.2
- NoScript 1.7.4
- Organize Search Engines 1.4
- PagMan 1.0.1
- PDF Download
- Perapera-kun 1.0
- PicLens
- QuickRestart 1.1.2
- Tab Mix Plus
- Table2Clipboard 0.1.1
- Yet Another Smooth Scrolling 2.0.8

I hope this helps!


Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Hi J.,

First I'm a little confused, your screen capture looks like Windows XP. Are you using Windows NT or are you using Windows XP?

Second, I see you have a LOT of extensions, and your problem might be that one of them is causing a conflict. I would recommend disabling them in some systematic pattern to determine which one (if any) are causing the problem. First disable the following extensions and see if your problem is resolved:
- Tab Mix Plus (I've already had a few conflicts with it that had to be resolved)
- NoScript
- Adblock Plus
- iMacros for Firefox
- DownThemAll

If disabling those extensions and restarting Firefox resolves the problem, then enable half those extensions and restart Firefox to narrow down the list. If disabling these extensions doesn't solve the problem, pick another batch of extensions to disable.

Keep repeating the disabling and enabling of extensions in a systematic fashion until you have either ruled out the extensions as causing the problem or have found the extension that is causing the problem.

Also make sure all of your extensions are really Firefox 3.0 compatible and make sure you are using Classic Compact v3.0.8.

If you figure out what is causing the problem, please let me know.


Unknown said...


I'm sorry, I should have clarified that. I'm indeed using WinXP SP3, Firefox 3, and Classic Compact 3.0.8.

And yes, as you suspected, Tab Mix Plus is definitely the culprit. I followed your instructions and narrowed it right down. I can "toggle" the functionality of the keyhole buttons by enabling/disabling Tab Mix Plus. So that's it for sure.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions, I appreciate it - j

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...


What setting in Tab Mix Plus is causing this problem? If you could answer this it might allow me to either find a fix in Classic Compact or work with the Tab Mix Plus developer to find a fix on their side.


Wesley Hales said...

Hi Ken - I am developing a theme and was wondering if you know of any way to dynamically change css values in the browser instead of having to jar the theme up every time you need to change/test something?

I didn't find much on the mozilla theme wiki and thought you may have some good advice.


Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...


There are no safe shortcuts to theme development. I've seen some suggestions for shortcuts but they can be very quick ways to destroy a theme. It is best to take the slower but more methodical approach of manually editing code and bundling JAR files so that Firefox doesn't introduce unexpected stuff. There is a discussion on this very topic at: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=659549

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's very nice, but I was wondering if there was something that would let us get the buttons that matched our Firefox 3 Default. Correct me if I'm wrong, they're the Windows type, and I like Windows quite a bit but on my Linux partition I'd really appreciate the buttons from the default, which calls itself Tango. I set it to that and they look VERY different, is this planned at all in any future updates?

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

The only way I could add the default buttons for Firefox on Linux is if I was provided with button pallets that matched the Linux buttons, which could be added to the theme.

Since I do not use Linux, the only way I could add a Linux pallet is if a Linux user worked with me to acquire the necessary icons.

Randall said...

Anonymous: I had the same concern, but when you look at how Firefox (in particular, Tango) pulls icons in Linux, it's kind of complex. For some icons, it provides its own, but for many, it uses your Gnome theme (this includes the forward/back buttons and stop/refresh). Thus, creating a unified pallet including both the Firefox-specific icons and the ones from your theme is difficult.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

A Linux Gnome based icon pallet could be built for this theme assuming the Gnome icons are fall under an open source licensing model (e.g. GPL). The catch is someone has to provide me with all of those icons. What I would have to do is build two new pallets for Classic Compact from those pallets. One would be for small icons (see example small icon pallet here). The other pallet would be for large icons see example large icon pallet here).

The catch is that if there are different Linux Gnome icon sets then I'd have to pick the most popular icon set otherwise the download size of Classic Compact would be inflated too much.

Anonymous said...

If you had a list of them I'd happily try to get some pictures of all mine, I just can't figure out how to grey out ones like the Bookmark one and I can't even find a couple of them.

By the way, how does it borrow Gnome icons for me if I'm using KDE? Does Gnome do it differently and if so would I probably have to get two types? I wouldn't mind but I'm just curious.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

All I need are the normal state icons. I can make the disabled, active and hover icons from the normal icons. Hopefully there png files somewhere within the Linux file system for these icons. At the very least they should exist in the uncompiled source files for Linux.

I'm not sure how the default Linux Firefox theme knows how to pull Linux icons.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I found all of those except that last one after Paste before the different style Back/Forward, which one is that?

Also, would just a screen shot work or would I have to figure out how to put them into their own image, and what's the best way to get the image there?

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Contact me via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page so that I can give you my email address so that you can send me the graphics files you found. It is best to email them to me as their original files so that I can work with them. The reason is that I need to preserve the "alpha" transparency of PNG files.

Anonymous said...

Oh, guess I didn't make clear, though I could look for those files (not sure where to start) I meant I found the Icons themselves, didn't realize you specifically needed the original ones, though I'll try looking for those.

Anonymous said...

Excellent theme! Thanks for providing it for free.

I have only one request: Can you eliminate the horizontal spacing between status bar icons?
Currently, each icon sits in its own "cubicle" and that consumes real estate -- resulting in less space available for hotlink URL to display in the status bar.

Alternatively, if you could tell me what code I need to set in userChrome.css, then I'll just change my file and you don't have to change your theme.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ken, I just wanted to say thanks for fixing the tab height issue with tab mix plus. I was the one who asked about it a while back.

Anonymous said...

Hi... GREAT theme... using it all the time... HOWEVER, would it be possible to change the colour of the bookmark and rss icons on the menu... they are extremely bright! A monochrome option where they are less colourful or even a grey would be BRILLIANT. (Is this something I can change myself?)

THANKS for the work.. : )

Unknown said...

Super theme & Addon!

Regarding the Classic Compact Options,

Can you add more Background colors to your options?! this would be super if you can do this!


Anonymous said...

I really like Classic Compact 3, but I have a slight issue with it now. For some reason today, checkboxes and radio buttons in the Firefox options menu wont show up. I tried disabling my other addons, and the one that fixed it was Classic Compact Options... but I do want to use that! I am on FF3, using Windows XP with windows classic theme. Can you help me fix the problem?

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

leonresevil2, you will probably find that your problem with check boxes is being caused because you have set the option "OS system colors" to "very dark/black backgrounds". If you return this setting to its default option your problems should go away. This option is intended for people who already have the system colors of their computer set to black backgrounds. It does not change the background colors used by Firefox, it only changes the checkboxes, arrows, etc. to white so that they will show up against black backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken. First, thanks for Winstripe Modern -- I hate the default Firefox theme.

I've been working my way down the long list of must-have add-ons that are showing as incompatible with Firefox 3.1beta, and just tried to force compatibility for Winstripe. Looks good, and I haven't noticed any conflicts with any other add-ons.

But there are eight .css warnings showing up on the console that are unique to the use of the theme. Obviously they're not a big deal, but you might want to take a look when you get time. Cheers!

Warning: Error in parsing value for '-moz-appearance'. Declaration dropped.
Source file: chrome://global/skin/scrollbars.css
Line: 85
Warning: Error in parsing value for '-moz-appearance'. Declaration dropped.
Source file: chrome://global/skin/scrollbars.css
Line: 89
Warning: Error in parsing value for '-moz-appearance'. Declaration dropped.
Source file: chrome://global/skin/scrollbars.css
Line: 201
Warning: Error in parsing value for '-moz-appearance'. Declaration dropped.
Source file: chrome://global/skin/scrollbars.css
Line: 205
Warning: Error in parsing value for 'white-space'. Declaration dropped.
Source file: chrome://browser/skin/browser.css
Line: 1506
Warning: Error in parsing value for 'white-space'. Declaration dropped.
Source file: chrome://browser/skin/browser.css
Line: 1513
Warning: Error in parsing value for 'outline'. Declaration dropped.
Source file: chrome://global/skin/toolbarbutton.css
Line: 76
Warning: Expected color but found 'none'. Error in parsing value for 'background-color'. Declaration dropped.
Source file: chrome://browser/skin/searchbar.css
Line: 52

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Thank you for this list of CSS warnings. I will be working on rolling out an update for Firefox 3.1 very shortly and this will be a big help.

Anonymous said...

Like many have said, this is indeed a nice theme.

However, with the Fire.fm addon installed, there is a row of pixels under (and sometimes beside) the buttons that will cause the adjacent button to spasm hysterically.

Aside from the slightly irritating spasming, it's awesome (as far as the realm of my usage extends).

Anonymous said...

I just started using classic compact 3.0.9 and noticed that when I open up a dialog box, I can't see any check marks. I have this theme on two computers with the same result. Tried different options using classic compact options with no luck. Both computers have windows xp and the only add-ons that are installed on both are pdf download and colorful tabs. Disabling these did not help. Has anyone else experience this problem?

Anonymous said...

Latest nightly builds of Minefield has broken this fine theme. I cannot set it to show only icons, without text.

Anonymous said...

fantastic job! I had not moved to FF3 because I couldn't find a suitable minimalistic theme as miniFox which I was using on FF2. I finally moved to FF3 thanks to your amazing job on this theme. Downloading the Options extension was mandatory for me, in order to customize the theme to it's fullest making it as classic and minimalistic as possible.

I used to like that miniFox themed the menus as well, minimizing margins between entries and making them alike the rest of the minimal appearance of the browser, could this be possible to add to the options extension maybe?

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your hard work on this totally awesome theme!

Unknown said...

Very Nice and very compact. If there is any complaint, it's that I don't see check marks in boxes and drop down menus or the dot in radio buttons in any of the menus. I don't go through menu options often though, so it only is a minor problem for me.

Anonymous said...

I like this theme a lot, but unfortunately it breaks some of the options in the DownThemAll extension. I would greatly appreciate if you looked into this.

Unknown said...

This was the last theme I expected to add a border around the content area. I was happy to find the option to turn that off. The border got in the way of my habit of placing the mouse pointer along the left edge when I scroll.

Unknown said...

I can't see the checkbox or radio buttons in firefox options... I've lived with it for some time but now it's starting to .... me off

Anonymous said...

Great add-on (with Classic Compact Options). It always worked OK with Windows but with Ubuntu there is a weird problem: I reduce the menu bar to "Menu" and then I move everything from the navigation bar up to the menu bar. This way I can remove the navigation bar for extra vertical compactness, which is very important on my eeePC with its 600 pixels vertical. Everything seems OK but when I restart Firefox the icons etc revert back to the navigation bar, leaving only "Menu" on the top-most toolbar -- I can't seem to find a way to make the icons stick to the menu bar after FF restart. The settings between my Ubuntu and Windows setups are identical. Any ideas?

I see someone else has the same problem: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=640240&start=210&st=0&sk=t&sd=a

Anonymous said...

I seem to just solved the Menu bar problem in Ubuntu just above. I removed the long spacer between 'Menu' and the rotating FF icon before I moved the rest of the icons to the menu bar. I restarted several times and everything seems ok -- the icons stay on the menu bar.

Spike said...

Thank you so much for creating this theme. I am using a netbook, and the additional space for my browsing is very helpful. Could you please also create a similar one but with a dark/black look? The buttons too? Like the RulerDark theme. That would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just wanted to say I really love your theme! I wanted to thank you for it.

Just a question, though... Would it be possible for you to create an option for custom icons in the theme? I'd rather like to switch the icons to the new Phoenity Aura iconset.

Please e-mail me in reply!

Anonymous said...

I've used LittleFox, Minifox, MicroFox, etc. Classic Compact is clearly the best of the compact themes.

As mentioned by others, there is a conflict between the Classic Compact Options extension and the appearance of checkmarks in all the option menus when the theme is used with its option modifying extension. The checkbox selections change, but the checkboxes remains blank. When the theme is active without the modifying extension, this does not seem to be an issue. This behaviour is being observed in FF3.0.8 (all the 3.0.x builds) on W2K.

Also, the scroll bars resize with changing text size and can eat up an unreasonable bit of screen real estate when upsizing text or become excruciatingly small when downsizing. This seems to be linked to the rounded scrollbar buttons, and not linked to the Classic Compact Options extension. When the theme is used with the modifier extension and OS square scrollbar buttons are selected, they seem to remain constant as text is resized. But that is not the case when the theme is run without the Classic Compact Options and the scrollbar buttons are rounded by default.

Also mentioned by others, a dark variant of this theme would be most welcome, or the option of selecting a background color. The ability to change the highlighted color of the active tab would be a big improvement as well. When enough tabs are open to fill the bar and wrap the the next, it can be difficult to discern the active tab. A highlight with greater contrast would be helpful.

The Strata theme in 3.x versions seems to be a good starting point. It might be more reasonable to bring your 3D compacting magic to this newer theme than to keep tweaking the terrific job that you've done with Classic Compact. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

BUG report:
- classic compact options
- theme
- background style -->
this option NOT set to default will prevent youtube rating stars and thumbs up/down from showing.

all the best

Esset said...

Hello Ken

I have a little bug-report to make.
I'm using Vista Ultimate x64. Latest Firefox (3.0.10) and latest Classic Compact (3.0.9). When I have the addon Locationbar2 turned on (ver. 1.0.3) the searchbar next to the address bar kind of flips out. When I put the mousepointer to the right of the adressbar (around where the "show more" arrow in the adressbar) the searchbar kind of becomes longer, and then smaller, and so on until I move away the pointer.

When I remove/disable Locationbar2 however, it's no problem with it whatsoever. Should I report this to Locationbar2's author or you? (As this only occurs with your skin, and Locationbar2) :)

Thanks for an AWESOME skin anyhow, I just love getting maximized surf-space :)

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...


I'd report your problem to the other developer as well. They may have added some styling instructions that I can not account for, which are causing the problems.

I'm working on building the enthusiasm for updating my theme for Firefox 3.1, but I'm not looking forward to the task. Getting Classic Compact ready for Firefox 3.0 took a couple hundred hours of work, mainly because I tried to get an early start on it during the beta process and had to keep changing things as the betas changed. This time I'm waiting until 3.1 is just about ready for release before I do anything so that I don't have to make a bunch of changes to this theme because of late changes to Firefox. I can't afford to spend a hundred hours or more on this revision.

Anonymous said...

Please upgrade into ff 3.5 the the classic compact theme.

I like it.


Anonymous said...

I love your theme! It allowed me to make Firefox only 41 pixels high with the tab bar and 21 without it. It's just amazingly slim!

Take a look at the screenshot:

I somehow managed to make it even thinner once (19 pixels! - 1 below the icons, 2 above), but don't really know how.

JeRrYFaR said...

I'm with everyone else.. please upgrade it for Firefox v3.5 (RC1). It's clearly my favorite theme. I can use Nightly Tester Tools to get it working, but it's not the same.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I am strategically holding off updating Classic Compact because we were already at RC1 with Firefox 3.1 when it was scrapped in favor of 3.5 and the beta process started all over. When I updated Classic Compact from Firefox 2.0 to 3.0 it became a nightmare of chasing nightlies, and wasted huge amounts of my time.

After the way the 3.0 beta process was handled with theme breaking regression bugs being introduced in the final betas due to unnecessary changes to the theme structure I'm none to keen to get burned twice.

I'm way to busy to be trying to be changing things multiple changes to keep up with the regression bugs.

My goal is to update once I'm 100% certain I won't be thumped by theme breaking changes that require me to fix what got broken.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your 3.5-compatible releases of Classic Compact & Options. CC is by far my favorite theme.

jmccrohan said...

Firefox 3.5 was released today.

I am holding off updating until your theme is ready.

I hope the update to 3.5 is not too much hassle.

Anonymous said...

I would echo many of the previous comments -

Thanks for all your work on Classic Compact. It is by far my favorite theme for Firefox.

I just updated to FF 3.5 but I may have to revert to 3.0.11 because I am unhappy with the appearance of the browser.

I wish I could help.

Unknown said...

I hope too that this theme will be compatible very soon for 3.5
So nice on little resolutions

philipians2511 said...

Looking forward to your 3.5-compatible releases of Classic Compact & Options. CC is by far my favorite theme.

I'll second that. I am sorry you have gotten burned before friend. I pray you well friend.

Bro Steve

Romans 6.23

Anonymous said...




Robert said...

I'm not big on plugins and themes. I don't want a showy browser. I want my online experience to be streamlined. In fact, I'd like to notice the browser part as little as possible. That said, I've been addicted to your compact theme and plugin ever since I first installed them. FF 3.5 disabled them and now it feels really clunky. I will be so happy to see these return. Is there a way to be notified when the new versions are done?

Paul said...

Argh 3.5 is hideous, where can I download the file so i can hack it myself?

Unknown said...

Please, please, 3.5 release as soon as possible.! :) I will lose my mind using anything but Classic Compact.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I'm really busy, but I will now make updating Classic Compact and Classic Compact Options a priority. I'm on a deadline push with a big web development project, but maybe I can start to work on this by this weekend. I won't know how much work it will take to do the update until I see how much things were changed with FF3.5.

Hopefully the documentation as to what was changed is better than with FF3.0. I'm not holding my breath on that.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to a version that supports 3.5 - great work - and thank you!

merp said...

Look forward to the update. Thanks for taking the time.
I wouldnt dream of using FF without classic compact.
Hope your dev project runs smoothly

Anonymous said...

I too am addicted to the classic compact theme. The theme is manditory on my Acer netbook with its vertically challenged 1024x600 resolution. I'm anxiously awaiting the FF 3.5 update.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Okay, I have personally switched over to Firefox 3.5 and am making mental notes of what has changed. If you know how to, you can do a version bump of Classic Compact to make it work on Firefox 3.5. There may be a few cosmetic issues, but early reports are nothing major is broken. Anyone who tries to force Classic Compact on Firefox 3.5 can post findings of bugs here or at: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=640240&start=210

Ramon said...

I have forced Classic Compact on Firefox 3.5.

At the moment, it is working fine.

The only cosmetic change I see is that the "new tab" button (the "cross button") in the "tabs bar" is missing. Sure you have noticed it.

I have seen in google that there are users that do not like this new button. Then, it could be an option to add to Classic Compact Options: show/hide the new tab button.

Why don't you release the current version for firefox 3.5, so other users that don't know how to force it are able to use it. You can say it is a provisional version.

I think that Classic Compact is a must for netbooks (that is my case).

Thanks for Classic Compact.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I haven't tried Classic Compact on FF3.5 yet as I only installed 3.5 yesterday and wanted a couple of days to use it with the default theme to get used to what might have changed. I'll look into the new tab issue. Maybe with luck I can get a beta out faster than expected.

Anonymous said...

Fellow readers and fans of CC -

The following 2 lines worked for me in removing both the New Tab button and the List All Tabs button from FF 3.5 .

/* remove New Tab button and all List All Tabs button */
.tabs-newtab-button {display:none !important;}
.tabs-alltabs-button, .tabs-alltabs-box-animate, .tabs-alltabs-box {display:none !important;}
/* first line eliminates new tab button,
* second line eliminates list all tabs button at right */

This snippet should get pasted into the file userChrome.css located in
C:\Documents and Settings\{YOURUSERNAME}\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(gibberishnumber)xxxxxxxx.default\chrome ,
right after the completion of the @namespace line.

For convenience, make a copy of the unaltered file beforehand just in case of problems. Happy tweaking, and thanks again Ken!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ken,

Firefox in DUTCH looks much better with your CC theme, it seems that with bigger monitors also the windows are growing, so I wait on your version 3.5.

Very GOOD Job.


Anonymous said...

Big fan of Classic Compact as well. With the trend towards wider and shorter monitors I find your theme to be mandatory.

I hope you can get a 3.5 compatible version posted shortly.



Bonz said...

Nice to hear you're working on a v3.5 compatible version!

This is definitely the best compact, space-saving, simplistic and oldschool-looking theme I have seen so far.
Keep up the good work!

Am I right to assume that you're also going to update the Compact Classic Options extension too?

BTW, you might want to post a notice on the official Mozilla page, because a lot of people are already asking.

Anonymous said...


This is a guy from France :
Can we help to update your very interesting theme especialy when you use an Eeepc like I do ,


IAN said...

Classic Compact is perfect for my laptop. Great to hear you are working on a version for Firefox 3.5.
Many thanks for your efforts!


danips said...

Hi Kenneth, I am a huge fan of Classic Compact. Thanks for your work.
I have been using the Tiny Menu Extension and I think it would be a nice feature for your theme. Is that possible?
One row less is a lot of extra pixels! LOL

danips said...

Hi Kenneth, I am a huge fan of Classic Compact. Thanks for your work.
I have been using the Tiny Menu Extension and I think it would be a nice feature for your them. Is that possible?
One row less is a lot of extra pixels! LOL

Anonymous said...

Bumped version works great on my Netbook :-)

Anonymous said...

bumped version works great on my netbook :-)

Anonymous said...

.. but when i go to organize bookmarks FF 3.5 crashes heavily :-(

Unknown said...

Hi Ken,

CC is definitely the best compact theme I've used so far. I did tried several dozens of other themes, nothing comes close. I'm an extremely picky kind of person, but I honestly can't find a single flaw during my days with CC. Not that I'm saying CC is perfect, but it's close.

Good to know an update for FF3.5 is on the way, keep up the great work, and take your time. As much as I want it done ASAP, I don't want you to break anything. New features are always welcome, but I can live without. Keep that in mind, and thank you, thank you, thank you!

By the way, I am coincidentally CC (Chilling Creek) from ChungKing, China, and I enjoy CC very much.

凉泉, 重庆, China.

Anonymous said...

me need nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

FreeFull said...

This theme is godsend to people like me who still use screen resolutions like 1024x768. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the version for Firefox 3.5

Ururam said...

This is the very "bestest" theme for mininotebooks with 1024x600 screens. I just cant wait for the FF3.5 update. Keep up the good work; warm regards!

Anonymous said...

Ken, make it happen on the 3.5 FF plz
thanks , like your work!

Unknown said...

hello ken,

can we have some news about the update ?

are you working on it or is it postponed ?


Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Hi Jean,

I have a web project that I have to present to a client at a meeting on Friday. Due to a database corruption that project was set back about 20 hours on Sunday evening so all my attention has to be focused on that project this week. Other than eating and sleeping, I don't have time for much other than that project if I am to make up for lost time.

I am personally using firefox 3.5 with the default theme so that I can get used to what has changed to help me know if something is wrong with my theme.

I will say that it sucks that they got rid of the throbber on right end of the menubar. I might try to reinstate it on Classic Compact if possible. I also notice that a new tab button was added to the tab bar. So far those seem to be the biggest changes that I have noticed with 3.5

Anonymous said...

'I also notice that a new tab button was added to the tab bar'

that can be taken off in tools> options> tabs> 'always show the tab bar'...

i took it off right away

Walter said...

After I've patched Exif Viewer and LeetKey I'm only waiting for Classic Compact and Classic Compact Options to make the switch to 3.5. But take your time no need to rush especially when you're having such a trouble a work.

emrot said...

By "throbber" do you mean the activity circle? You can add that in the customize menu, by right clicking on the menu bar. I have no idea why it's not enabled by default.

Unknown said...

thank you for these informations
i'll wait with littlefox theme but I really prefer yours ;)

Take your time, I easily understand your job is your top priority

bye from France

Rob Kottelenberg said...

Keep up the good work. I too like having the menus and bars using less space. Whenever you get it out, I'll be happy again (no pressure though, I understand how IT, deadlines and Murphy get along so well :p)

lesser evil said...

Any idea how this "throbber"'s called in about:config, guys? I'd like to move it all the way to the right.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

This morning I started a full on push to get Classic Compact and Classic Compact Options updated for Firefox 3.5 including rolling up the translations that have been done for them at http://www.babelzilla.org/index.php?option=com_wts&Itemid=203&type=show&extension=3635.

So far things are going well. I have both the theme and extension running on Firefox 3.5 and am working out some cosmetic issues. I've found nothing major broken. Maybe I can get an updated version of both out this weekend.

There have been scattered reports of missing or white check boxes on menus for some users, but I am unable to reproduce this issue. I suspect that this issue is caused by the option called "OS System Colors". When this option is set to "very dark/black background colors the check boxes and other "gliphs" are turned to white so that they stand out against dark backgrounds. Most users should be leaving this setting on "very light/grey background colors". This issue might be OS specific to a specific flavor of Linux, in which case I can neither test nor resolve on my own as I don't have a Linux box.

Anonymous said...

dear ken
greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt theme
please keep up this great work......
my very best wishes to you..

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Updated versions of Classic Compact and Classic Compact Options which support Firefox 3.5 have been uploaded to the Firefox Add-ons site and will become available to everyone as soon as they have been reviewed and approved by add-on reviewers.

I'm sure that will make everyone very happy. :-)

lesser evil said...

Thank you very much, Ken, for your work!
It's good to know that someone thinks the way you do.

BTW, 'throbber' could be moved arbitrary by the mouse, I've figured that out...

Unknown said...

Finally!!! Firefox 3.5 here I come!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating it. You have given us the best theme I have ever seen for Firefox (and after ~35 years as a professional programmer I have become very picky!).

May your bugs be far between and your stack traces shallow.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that...
I'm waiting for them to approve and make it availble..

Unknown said...

There is only one way to express how perfect this theme is..... I automatically updated to Firefox 3.5 and theme realized this theme was not yet compatible..... and therefore downgraded.

3.5 to me is no good without this awesome theme, thanks for taking the time to update it, best wishes ken!

Anonymous said...

This Theme is Perfect.

Thx KEN for the update 3.5!

Anonymous said...

Ken , is link to download it? .. Adns.org is LAZZY , i need it , is ammazing & very usefull , i be waited many days for it ,, I NEED THIS... can you give link to Dwld ?

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

For those who don't want to wait for add-ons editors to review and approve Classic Compact and/or Classic Compact options you can download these add-ons from the following location. Please note you might need to have an account on addons.mozilla.org and be logged in to access the files.

Classic Compact
Link to version history page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addons/versions/3699
Link directly to download file: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/downloads/file/59341/classic_compact-3.2.0-fx.jar

Classic Compact Options
Version history page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addons/versions/6969
Direct link to download: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/downloads/file/59340/classic_compact_options-1.2-fx.xpi

Localized Translations
I'm trying to get Classic Compact and Classic Compact Options translated into as many languages as possible. If you speak English and another language and would be willing to help translate these two add-ons into languages not already supported please see their project page on Babelzilla at: http://www.babelzilla.org/index.php?option=com_wts&Itemid=203&type=show&extension=3635

Anonymous said...

THANK´s KEN!!! ... I LOVE THIS!!.. is an unique really true compact theme , is excellent , max screen space gain, I dwnld many other and all are UGLY.. EXLNT!!!...
it´s possible to compact more? to gain more free screen space?

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

The companion extension Classic Compact Options does have some options that will allow you to compact the theme even more by doing things like merging the menu bar menus into a single menu. You can then drag all the address bar items to the menu bar and turn off the address bar. There are a couple of other options that will squeeze a little more space out of the theme.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

thanks for updating for FF 3.5
Can you add the 3.5 default buttons?

At least the Keyhole, Reload, Abort and Home image.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

There is a keyhole button option when using the companion extension Classic Compact Options. They aren't exactly the same as the default Windows XP buttons, but they are similar. Other than the back/forward, stop and home buttons, all the other buttons are default Firefox 3.0 buttons for Windows XP.

What you might be referring to button wise are the Windows Vista Aero buttons. At this time I am not planning on supporting the Vista Aero look as I don't have a Windows Vista box to truly test such support on. Also trying to support the Vista Aero look would almost double the download size of Classic Compact.

I might revisit this issue with Firefox 4.0, as I'm sure I'll be forced into a complete code rewrite at that point in time as I was with Firefox 3.0.

Three issues I have to always consider with any changes are:

* Would it require retranslating any phrases in either Classic Compact or Classic Compact Options. Currently they support eight languages and I hope to add more language support in the future.

* How much additional code would have to be maintained/updated through each major Firefox version. Minor releases like Firefox 3.5 can be easy to update for, but major releases like Firefox 3.0 can take a phenomenal amount of work to prepare for.

* How much would it increase the download size of either the theme or extension. For people on slower Internet connections this can become a real issue.

Adding another button set option would impact all three concerns.

When Firefox 4.0 comes out I'm sure I'll be forced to add support for the new Firefox 4.0 button set whatever it might be. At the same time I'll need to maintain my current support for Firefox 2.0 and 3.0 WinXP style buttons.

Anonymous said...

Problem in Firefox3.5.
When bookmark toolbar and search bar are in the same toolbar, bookmark toolbar is folded at Firefox restarting.
Please fix!

Classic Compact 3.2.0
Classic Compact Options 1.2
Firefox 3.5.1
WindowsXP Professional SP2

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

In regards to the search box on the bookmark bar, and collapsing the bookmark items, I get an almost identical behavior from the default Firefox theme. The only difference being that the "most visited" button didn't collapse with rest of the bookmark bar items.

I looked through the styling rules for the default theme and Classic Compact as they apply to the bookmark bar and search box and could not find any material differences that would impact the width of either item.

I searched Bugzilla and found this is actually a documented bug in Firefox (See: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=447571), which first appeared in Firefox 3.1b.

Unfortunatly there isn't much I can do personally to fix this issue. If you are technically inclined, one temporary work around to this bug, which was mentioned in the Bugzilla bug report is:

Edit your userChrome.css file located in chrome folder in your profile. Add these two lines at the end.

/* Fix for Bookmarks Items Overflow */
#bookmarksBarContent .bookmark-item {visibility: visible !important;}

Unfortunatly there isn't much I can do in the theme itself to fix this issue without causing potential problems for others.

Fred said...

Bonjour, le thème pose un problème avec les longs liens ! Quand je place la souris sur un long lien notamment dans les marque-pages, tout le thème se décale sur la droite et sort de la fenêtre de Firefox. Les infos-bulles sur les liens sont aussi agrandies et sortent de l'écran à droite. Il y a aussi un problème avec les dialog box sur XP car les boutons ne sont pas normal et les texte sont sur fond blanc (comme le bug de thème modifié sur xp). Merci beaucoup pour cette extension + l'extension pour les options car je préfère le thème classique mais réduit.


Hello, the theme is a problem with long links! When I place the mouse over a long link including bookmarks while the theme shifts to the right and out of the Firefox window. The info-bubbles on the links are also enlarged and leave the screen on the right. There is also a problem with the dialog box on XP because the buttons are not normal and the text on a white background (as amended bug theme on xp). Thank you very much for this extension + extension for options (Firefox 3.5.1 (on XP for me) Version 1.2 — 18.07.2009) because I prefer the classic theme but reduced.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...


Bonjour. I'm afraid that is all the French I know. Someone else translated my theme and extension into French for me.

I do not fully understand the problem you are experiencing and can not replicate it myself. Can you please point me to webpages that have links on them that are causing problems? Also could you please tell me what other extensions you have installed? This might be a conflict between my theme/extension and another extension you have installed.


Fred said...

Bonjour (Re),

Pour reproduire le bug : Marquez n'importe quel lien valide ou non et "mouseover" sur le lien dans les marque-pages ou sur une page web (vraie ou fausse page). Le lien sur la page web doit être le même que dans les marque-pages. Le problème de l'élargissement du skin vers la droite (= overflow) est dû à l'add-on : Link Status :: Modules pour Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/12312

Hello (Re),

To reproduce the bug: Mark any link valid or not and "mouseover" on the link in the bookmarks or web pages (real or fake page). The link on the web page must be the same as bookmarks. The problem of expanding the skin to the right (= overflow) is due to the add-on: Link Status :: Add-ons for Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12312

BONUS: bug447571 (Expand bookmarks toolbar) :: Add-ons for Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/11325

My crash when i open "Organize bookmarks..." with "Classic Compact 3.2.0" and "Classic Compact Options 1.2" :

(Problem reproducible every time. (No problem if I apply the theme of Firefox by default))


Mes préférences / My favorites with "Classic Compact 3.2.0" and "Classic Compact Options 1.2" :


Thank you very much for everything!

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...


If you are logged in to the addons.mozilla.org website you can download Classic Compact Options at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addons/versions/6969.


I will have to investigate your report and see what I can figure out. Do you have any other extensions installed in Firefox? If so, what are they?

Fred said...

Hello, lol :::-----)))) 154 add-ons !

@Paul Classic Compact Options Version History :: Add-ons for Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addons/versions/6969 (Me, I'm not logged ... no account) :-)

*************** Bumped or native Firefox 3.5.1 Windows XP SP3
Dernière mise à jour: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 13:19:49 GMT

Firefox/3.5.1 GTB5 (.NET...

*** Extensions (enabled: 154, disabled: 0; total: 154)
Aardvark 2.97
Ad blocker 0.6.5
Adblock Plus 1.1
Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper 1.0.6
Add-on Collector 1.0.3
AskForSanitize 1.8
Back to Top 5.3.2
Base64 ? Encoder 1.3.2
BetterPrivacy 1.39
Bookmark Duplicate Detector 1.0.0
British English Dictionary 1.19
bug419911 1.0
bug447571.xpi 1.1
bug489729 1.3
CacheViewer 0.5
Character Identifier 0.1.2
CHM Reader 0.2.3
Classic Compact Options 1.2
CleanHide 1.1.0
Clear Fields 3.0.2
ClearFileUploadFields 1.0
CLEO 4.1
Clippings 3.1
Close Button
Close n forget 0.8.1
ColorfulTabs 3.9.2
ColorZilla 2.0.2
CoLT 2.4.4
Copy Link URL 1.3
Copy Tab Name 0.4
Copy Title 1.1
CS Lite 1.4
Dafizilla Table2Clipboard 0.2.1
Deutsches Wörterbuch 1.0.1
disablemenu 0.3.2
DIVautoscroll 2.6
Downloads Context Menu 1.2
Duplicate Tab 1.0.2
Easy DragToGo
Easy Youtube Video Downloader 1.6
Extended Copy Menu 1.6
Extension List Dumper 1.14.2
Extension Manager Extended 2.8
Favicon Picker 3 0.5
FEBE 6.1
File and Folder Shortcuts 1.3
Firefox Showcase 0.9.5
FirefoxView 1.0
FireFTP 1.0.5
FireShot 0.77
Fission 1.0.9
Flagfox 3.3.14
Flash Killer 1.2.1
Font Finder 0.5d
FoxClocks 2.5.33
Free Download Manager plugin 1.3.4
Go Parent Folder 1.9
Google Icon 1.11
Google Toolbar for Firefox 5.0.20090324
GooglePreview 3.22
GoogleTube 1.2.1
gTranslate 0.5.1
HighlightAll 1.4
History Submenus 1.33
Hostname in Title bar 1.0.4
IE Tab 1.5.20090525
Image Zoom 0.3.1
InfoLister 0.10.1
Java Console 6.0.14
JSView 2.0.5
KallOut - Accelerators for Firefox
Last Tab Close Button 0.2
Lazarus: Form Recovery 2.0.4
Leet Key 1.4.2
Line Marker 2.0.2008040702
Link Alert 0.9
Link Gopher 1.3.2
Link Status 1.1
Linkification 1.3.6
Load Control 0.2
Locationbar² 1.0.3
Long URL Please 0.4.1
LoremTools 1.0
Menu Editor 1.2.6
Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 1.1
Multiple Tab Handler 0.4.2009072001
New Tab Button Position
No Color 0.2.6
Open In RegEdit
OpenDownload 2.0.1
OPIE 1.2.3
Organize Status Bar 0.6.3
Ouvrir dans le navigateur 1.6
Page Hacker 1.2
PDF Download
Plain Text Links 0.3
Play All 0.6.2
PN-Buttons 1.3.1
Prefsearch 0.1
QuickFrame 0.5.1
QuickImage 1.1
QuickPageZoom 1.6.2
QuickRestart 1.1.5
Redirect Remover 2.5.5
Redirector 1.7.1
RefControl 0.8.11
RemoveTabs 0.4.0
Resurrect Pages 2.0.4
RightToClick 1.1
Rotate Image
Save Session
SaveWithUrl 0.2.6
Selection Links 0.0.2
selectivecookiedelete 3.2
Show Parent Folder 1.5
Smart Bookmarks Bar 1.4.3
Source Viewer Tab 0.3.2009070701
SourceEditor 0.2c
SSLPasswdWarning 0.4
Statusable 0.9.2
Stay-Open Menu 1.5.1
Stop Autoplay 0.7.6
SubmitToTab 0.3.5
Tab Counter 1.8.2
Tab Scope
Tab X 2.0
Tabhunter 0.8.6
TabNavIt Reversed 0.0.7
Tabs Open Relative 0.4
Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO) 1.8
Text-to-Image 1.4.1
Title Save 0.1f
Undo Bookmarks Menu 1.3
Undo Closed Tabs Button 3.5.1
Unicode Input Tool/Converter 2.5.7
UnicodetoHTML 0.4
United States English Dictionary 3.0.3
Unsorted Bookmarks Folder Menu 1.7
Update Bookmark
URL Flipper
User Agent Switcher 0.7.2
View Source Chart 2.7
Web Developer 1.1.8
WindowsUpdate 1.1.11
Work Offline 1.5

*** Thèmes (2)

*** Plugins


Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...


HOLLY COW!! That is a lot of add-ons! The odds are you are having a conflict with Classic Compact and one of your extensions. The only way to figure out which add-on is causing the problem is to systematically rule them out.

First you need to disable all add-ons except Classic Compact and Classic Compact Options and restart Firefox to see if it behaves properly (it should).

If Firefox works properly with all extensions disabled but Classic Compact Options and Classic Compact we need to enable the first half of your extension list and restart.

If Firefox functions properly with half the extensions enabled we will know that the problem lays in the half that are disabled and need to focus on that group. If Firefox does not function properly then we need to focus on the extensions that are enabled.

Focusing on the half of the list of extensions where the problem probably lays you need to enable/disable half of those extensions. This will narrow us down to 1/4 of the extensions to focus on.

Keep repeating the dividing in half and enabling/disabling of extensions until you narrow the list of extensions to the one that conflicts with Classic Compact and report this back to me. I can then look at that extension and see if i can replicate the problem and determine a fix.

You should keep a spreadsheet or note pad list of your extensions as you rule extensions out to keep track of where you are. If you keep halving the list of extensions to focus in on the culprit you will have to repeat the process 7 or 8 times.

My bet is that the conflict lays with one of your extensions that is related to bookmarks, links and/or history.

Fred said...

samedi 25 juillet 2009 11h26 en France

C'est vraiment très difficile ! J'ai trouvé des failles reproductibles.

It's really quite difficult ! I found flaws reproducible.

Crash when i open "Organize bookmarks..." with add-ons "Classic Compact 3.2.0" + "Classic Compact Options 1.2". Crash if i make an update or installed or enabled or disabled add-ons. "Classic Compact 3.2.0" + "Classic Compact Options 1.2" must be installed last, so that it does not crash but before we should choose the model FF2 or FF3 buttons (extensions.classiccompactoptions.toToolbarButtons). It's crazy ! blog.environmentalchemistry.com/2008/03/firefox-theme-classic-compact.html Thanks.


+ Modifier par défaut (dans l'add-on) ce paramètre s'il vous plaît pour de meilleure proportion (1024x768) => browser.tabs.tabMinWidth=90 (NOT 100! Mauvais, trop large ; horrible)

+ Change the default (in the add-on) this setting if you like for better proportion (1024x768) => browser.tabs.tabMinWidth = 90 (NOT 100! Bad, too wide, horrible)

Remember, please correct the problem of overflow (= no wrap long link (valid or no)) outside the window of the Firefox interface and your skin (The skin comes out of the screen right). To reproduce the bug: Mark any link valid or not and "mouseover" on the link in the bookmarks or web pages (real or fake page). The link on the web page must be the same as bookmarks. The problem of expanding the skin to the right (= overflow) is due to the add-on: Link Status :: Add-ons for Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12312

Thank you very much for everything.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, never mind my previous post about Classic Compact Options. I was basing that on the version number (1.1.3) and didn't notice the FF version had been edited.

It's alright with me if you just don't post this and my previous post.


Fred said...



SOURCE ALL URL FOR IMAGE : http://img17.imageshack.us/content.php?page=done&l=img17/3929/bugoverflowskin.png&via=mupload



Thanks. @+

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Hi Fred,

I have created a test webpage to see if I could replicate your problem. Please try it out and see what happens.


I personally bookmarked the page hovered over the link, clicked on the link, etc. and could not replicate what you describe.

I'm almost certain that your problem is a combination of "Classic Compact" PLUS one of your extensions. The problem can not be resolved until we isolate out which extension doesn't get along with "Classic Compact". Once I know this I can start to try and find a solution to your problem. This is why I wanted you to disable/reenable your extensions in a systematic fashion.

Fred said...

Hello, i have indicated the add-on 2 times :)

Please Install : Link Status 1.1 :: Add-ons for Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12312 and (maybe) Smart Bookmarks Bar 1.4.3 :: Add-ons for Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4072

You need a long boukmarked link to reproduce the bug. The default theme has no problem (...).

FRA (ÉDIT: Crash Firefox 3.5.1 quand j'ouvre "Organiser les marque-pages...": Pour ne pas avoir de CRASH je dois désactiver l'add-on "Classic Compact Options 1.2" suivit d'un redémarrage de Firefox (puis (avant ou après un redémarrage de Firefox) travailler sur mes add-ons) et ensuite je peux réactiver l'add-on, suivit d'un redémarrage de Firefox. C'est fou ! Réparez cela s'il vous plaît, merci)

ENG (EDIT: Crash Firefox 3.5.1 when i open "Organize bookmarks...": For not having CRASH i disable the add-on "Classic Compact Options 1.2" followed by a restart of Firefox (and (before or after a restart of Firefox) work on my add-ons) and then I can re-activate the add-on, followed by a restart of Firefox. It's crazy ! Fix-it please, thanks)

2 NEWS CRASH (I do not all shipments but if you want a report i can crash my Firefox) :

Thank you very much and sorry if i offended by reminding you that i have stated twice what add-on in question. Thanks for all.

Anonymous said...

Bug report:

As other users have reported, Classic Compact Options 1.1.3 and 1.2 both exhibit a problem when using "Flat" background style on youtube pages.

The rating buttons (stars) below videos and the thumbs up/down for comments do not appear when this option has been changed from Gradients (Default) to Flat.

Hopefully this is an easy fix on your next release of Classic Compact Options. PS: Thanks for all the hard work, great addons!

Patrick said...

I have uploaded an image of the problems posted in this bug report here:


Bug Report: Classic Compact (Theme)

The downward arrow icon used for the tab-List button on the far right of the tabs bar is not centered in the middle of the box, it looks to be right aligned, and while not a serious bug, it does look a bit ugly.


Bug report: Classic Compact Options

Classic Compact Options 1.1.3 and 1.2 both exhibit a problem when using "Flat" background style on youtube pages. The rating buttons (stars) below videos and the thumbs up/down for comments do not appear when this option has been changed from Gradients (Default) to Flat.

Using Flat mode also causes the tab bar to be a different (darker) color, perhaps thats the correct behavior, but i was not sure so it has been included in my report.


Great addons, thanks for all the hard work. Looking forward to seeing these bugs corrected if possible, will continue to use and recommend your themes to friends!

Apologies if a similar message double posts, feel free to delete the previous one.

Fred said...

NOM POUR LE BUG (simple suggestion) : "css overflow no wrap link in status bar" :-))

Pour reproduire le bug d'élargissement du skin vers la droite lors d'un mouseover sur un lien bookmarked ou "Les plus visités" (bookmarked automatiquement) :

Étape 1 : Créez un nouveau profil pour Firefox 3.5.1 (si vous voulez tester le bug avec un nouveau profil vierge)

Étape 2 : Installez (dans l'ordre que vous voulez MAIS LE BUG APPARAIT DANS CET ORDRE) : classic_compact-3.2.0-fx.jar + statusable-0.9.3-fx.xpi (mise à jour pour firefox 3.5.*) + link_status-1.1-fx.xpi




Étape 3 : Vous devez avoir un long lien dans les bookmark pour voir le bug. (Peu importe que le lien soit valide ou non). Vous pouvez allez ici pour bookmarked des longs liens : http://translate.google.fr/translate_tools?hl=fr (Pour ajouter un bouton, faites-le glisser de cette page vers la barre d’outils de votre navigateur.)

Étape 4 : Confirmer le bug et le corriger ;-)

Merci beaucoup pour tout.


NAME FOR THE BUG (mere suggestion): "No wrap overflow css link in status bar" :-))

To reproduce the bug enlargement of the skin to the right during a mouseover on a link bookmarked or "most visited" (bookmarked automatically):

Step 1: Create a new profile for Firefox 3.5.1 (if you want to test the bug with a new blank profile)

Step 2: Install (in the order you want BUT THE BUG IS IN THIS ORDER): classic_compact-3.2.0-fx.jar + statusable-0.9.3-fx.xpi (mise à jour pour firefox 3.5.*) + link_status-1.1-fx.xpi




Step 3: You must have a long link in the bookmark to see the bug. (No matter that the link is valid or not). You can go here for the long bookmarked links: http://translate.google.com/translate_tools?hl=en (To add a button, drag it from this page to your browser's toolbar.)

Step 4: Confirm the bug and fix it ;-)

Thank you very much for everything.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I installed both Link Status 1.1 and Smart Bookmark Bar. I was unable to replicate the errors you are reporting.

The webpage and links I'm using for testing is can be tried here.

I went to install Statusable and it is marked as not compatible with Firefox 3.5. It is not reasonable to expect accommodations to be made for Statusable until a version of it has been released that is compatible with Firefox 3.5 has been released.

I then installed Statusable on My test load of Firefox 3.0.12 with Classic Compact, Classic Compact Options and Smart Bookmarks Bar. Again I had no problems. I'm convinced that if indeed the problem crops up when Statusuable is installed along with Classic Compact and Classic Compact Options the problem is because Statusable is not compatible with Firefox 3.5 and needs to be reworked to accommodate changes in Firefox 3.5.

Once a FF3.5 compatible version of Statusable has been released I will be happy to revisit this issue and try to find a resolution to it if the problem continues to exist.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...


I was able to confirm the missing Youtube rating stars when the flat background option was enabled. I also discovered this is causing some other issues under Firefox 3.5. I believe I have fixed the issue although there might be incidents where some add-on that doesn't the use standard prefwindow for option panels might get beveled buttons. These will have to be addressed as I'm made aware of them. I will roll out and updated version of Classic Compact and Classic Compact Options shortly.

Fred said...


1 = I have used a new profile (only a new profile, but not a new install) and saw that even the FEBE add-on 6.1 or 6.2 (to save the profiles) yet compatible Firefox 3.5.1 is marked as incompatible with Firefox 3.5.1. It is a problem. NOTE : Firefox automatically corrected by looking for updates = "Firefox to apply a compatibility pack" (For more add-on ... because i have tested restoring a profile with FEBE).

2 = Statusable 0.9.3 = Firefox: 1.0 – 3.5.* => https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addons/versions/4156 ("Firefox: 1.0 – 3.5. No changes from earlier version (0.9.2) except maxversion bump.") OK = bump is not enough ...

Official website: : http://ptaff.ca/statusable/?lang=en_CA#download = Version 0.9.3 (Firefox ≤ 3.5.*)

BUG overflow skin on Firefox 3.5.1 = classic_compact-3.2.0-fx.jar AND statusable-0.9.3-fx.xpi (updated BY THE AUTHOR for Firefox 3.5.*) AND link_status-1.1-fx.xpi AND a long link on which you place the cursor must be in the bookmark. (No need a link in a page, but it is interesting to see a jitter of the skin)

(The crash bug after the little bug overflow :-) Crash Firefox 3.5.1 if i enable your add-on Classic Compact Options 1.1.3 or 1.2 but not permanently = parameter unstable if I install / modify / remove an add-on)

Thank you very much.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...


I tested Statusable 0.9.3 the overflow bug you report is with Statusable 0.9.3 NOT with Classic Compact nor Classic Compact Options.

The overflow behavior you are describing existed regardless of whether or not Classic Compact and Classic Compact Options were enabled or disabled. Even using the default theme with Classic Compact Options disabled I got the weird behavior you described while using Statusable.

There is nothing I can do to fix this bug because it is a flaw with Statusable. The issue does not exist with Statusable under Firefox 3.0, but apparently something changed in Firefox 3.5 that Statusable conflicts with.

You need to report said behavior to the Statusable developer and they will need to figure out where the problem lays.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I just pushed out an update to Classic Compact (v3.2.1) that fixes the issue with the missing YouTube rating stars when Classic Compact Options background option is set to "flat". I also fixed a CSS error in the organize.css file that may have been causing Firefox to crash when the bookmark organizer was opened.

If you don't want to wait for AMO editors to approve the latest version of Classic Compact and make it public, you can download it at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/downloads/file/60309/classic_compact-3.2.1-fx.jar.

Anonymous said...

organize bookmarks crashes firefox
most of the time.

today i spent 2 hours
removing ff installation completely
reinstalling 3.5.1 and all addons

but this did not help very much

:-( :-(

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Yesterday I pushed an updated version of Classic Compact to addons.mozilla.org that I believe addresses the crashing issue. It is currently pending review my AMO editors.

I think Firefox was crashing because of a couple missing CSS instructions. A browser should NEVER crash for such an issue, but once I addressed the CSS issues I found I could not get Firefox to crash any more.

If you don't want to wait for AMO editors to approve the latest build of Classic Compact v3.2.1 it can be downloaded from: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/downloads/file/60382/classic_compact-3.2.1-fx.jar.

If you do try it, please confirm with me that it stopped the crashes for you.

Anonymous said...

where would i find the settings to change the border on this theme back to the thin border, that the default theme uses? i dont like the bulky 3d borders. i know how to edit css files and such but i dont know where to find what i am looking for and this would be an improvement for a theme that boasts compactness

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

To access the theme options for Classic Compact, you need to install the extension Classic Compact Options which can be downloaded at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6969.

Anonymous said...

organize bookmarks still crashes firefox

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I am unable to get Firefox to crash by opening Organize Bookmarks. What other add-ons do you have installed?

I am certain that there is a bug in Firefox that is causing Firefox to crash because the browser should not be crashing over simple CSS instruction errors/differences. The problem will be to chase down exactly what the bug is.

Can you provide a copy of the crash dump?

Anonymous said...

If you don't have CC-option "flat" enabled,
you will not have the crash of bookmark-something.
That's all.
There are Firefox's bugs ??????


Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I am unable to find any CSS errors that could explain the crashing. I can force crashes sometimes, but not constantly when the "background style" is set to "flat" or "flat except tabs" (does not crash as often). I wrapped URLs that were in "background-image: url()" in quotes and this reduced the crashing but did not eliminate it.

The reason I say this is a bug in Firefox is for the following reasons:

1) Firefox should NEVER crash for CSS related issues (e.g. how themes work).

2) As far as I'm aware this issue did not occur in FF3.5.0.

3) It was not an issue in Firefox 3.0.

4) It is totally inconsistent. I can restart Firefox and then try to open "manage bookmarks" and Firefox might or might not crash. If it were a theme or extension issue, Firefox should be crashing every time.

5) Firefox only crashes when "background style" is set to "flat" or "flat except tabs" and I have gone through the two related style sheets repeatedly and I can not find a single CSS error in them

6) If this were an issue with the way the extension JavaScript sets the background style then Firefox should be crashing for other option settings and not only when manage bookmarks is opened as all option settings are set the same way.

My problem is I need more help testing and sleuthing out what is going on and why in order to narrow down the exact culprit. I have started a discussion thread on this issue on the MozillaZine forums at http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1395115. Any input or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Regardless of whether the actual bug is in Firefox or my add-ons I want to find a workaround to sidestep the issue as quickly as possible.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

The crashing of Firefox when Bookmarks Manager was opened if Classic Compact Options "background style" was set to "flat" or "flat except tabs" was confirmed to be a bug in the Firefox bookmarks library. A patch in Firefox is pending. As I said above the CSS in a theme should NEVER cause a crash.

It may be a little bit before the patch is rolled into Firefox, so in the mean time. I was able to follow up on some ideas posted by others over at the MozillaZine forums on this issue and was able to come up with a work around that so far appears to have stopped the crashes when the bookmarks manager is opened.

What I did was added some CSS instructions to the editBookmarkOverlay.css file to Classic Compact that were part of the default Firefox editBookmarkOverlay.css. I can not see any visual changes to the bookmarks library, however, since I added this code I have been unable to cause Firefox to crash and I have restarted my test Firefox profile around 20 times trying the different "background style" options.

Of course with my luck, I won't get any crashes until AFTER I release the next version of Classic Compact, which is what happened with CC v3.2.1. In that case I also wasn't able to cause any crashes until after the fact.

If you would like to try out the test build of Classic Compact that hopefully fixes the issue with Firefox crashing when the bookmarks manager is opened and Classic Compact Options "background style" is set to "flat" please download then install the test build from http://environmentalchemistry.com/classiccompact.jar. If you do test it, please let me know if you are able to get Firefox to crash or not with this new build.

Anonymous said...

Ken, when will Classic Compact be availabel for the Firefox 3.6ax versions? Or will it wait for betas or later?
Thanks, BillL

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Trying to keep up with alphas is a losing proposition because things are in such a state of flux. The earliest I try to catch the next version is late in the beta process if not the release candidate phase. With that said, you can always version bump Classic Compact and see if it still works for you.

Anonymous said...

I tried a version jump but it didn't seem to help. Problem is I had to working, then I screwed up something, and when I tried to reload it, I couldn't(my bad). The file I bumped the version in for 3.2.1. I think I had the right file. but I'm not sure. Is it contents.rdf?

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

When I refer to version bump, I mean you need to bump the max supported version, which right now is set to 3.5.*. This would need to be changed to 3.6a.

Be fore warned, my understanding is that there will be some major design changes to the Firefox theme structure, which will cause a lot of stuff to be broken in FF3.5 themes.

Unless you are actively participating in the Firefox development process and reporting bugs, I really recommend avoiding FF3.6 until it at least gets into the late stages of the beta process. Right now if you use any add-ons (e.g. Classic Compact), you will constantly run the risk that the next nightly will break something in a major way.

Anonymous said...

How can i make the fonts of the bookmarks smaller, so i can see more of them?

Anonymous said...

man, you are a genius with this theme, my fav of all, been using firfox since da begining! Cheers!

Rob B. said...

I love this theme, it's the best. It seems to conflict with other extensions that change the tab colour though. Is changing tab colours completely incompatible with this theme (as it is with some) or is it an easy fix? I would simply go back to the original FF tabs if I could regain the control of their colour.

Basically I just want thinner (than default) tabs whose colour can be changed by other tab-manipulating extensions. I would do this "mod" myself, if I knew how. Any suggestions?

Thanks again for this great theme though, even without the colourful tabs, it's my favourite.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

@Rob B.,

What is the name of the extension you are using? I won't know how hard it will be to make that extension play nicely with Classic Compact until I do some testing. Classic Compact doesn't mess around with theme colors at all, so I'm surprised there is a conflict.

Anonymous said...

Good job Ken, i've found my perfect theme, God bless you!

Tuscany Italy

Anonymous said...

When you try to search the page (ctrl+f), the next button in the find bar flips the arrow direction when clicked.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I never noticed the arrow flipping issue before, but I will get it fixed in the next release.

Thanks for the report.

Kevin said...

Please update Classic Compact Options for FF 3.5.2


Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Classic Compact Options is currently compatible with FF3.5.2. In addition there is an update for Classic Compact Options (v1.2.1) that was uploaded to addons.mozilla.org back on Aug 8th that is still pending approval by AMO editors. Given the lag time in getting extension updates approved by AMO editors, I would expect it to be another couple of weeks before CCO v1.2.1 is approved.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Correction to my previous comment. Version 1.2 of Classic Compact Options, which is compatible with FF3.5 was uploaded to addons.mozilla.org back on July 18th, but as of yet has not been reviewed. v1.2.1, which is the latest update and adds support for more languages was uploaded on Aug. 4th. I have sent requests for these updates to be approved.

In the mean time you can get Classic Compact Options v3.2.1 at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addons/versions/6969

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's taking them so long. I'm in dire need of this update......this is my favorite add-on. especially with the Hide Caption add-on for those fellow XP users that hate the amount of space the Caption Bar takes up ;-)

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

If you go to the add-ons page for Classic Compact Options, you can redownload version 1.1.3 as it was "bumped" to work with Firefox v3.5. You can download it from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/downloads/file/30893/classic_compact_options-1.1.3-fx.xpi

Christoph Weber said...

Loving it, but would love other colors for the icons, like GnomeFX for example. Is there a way to get the small tab bar and all via userChrome.css?

Anonymous said...

I just got an update for Classic Compact Options, version 1.2.1, and the "Menu" button has been replaced with some blue icon that I honestly do not like. It really distracts me and takes away from my desktop theme, and I would appreciate the option to turn it back to being the word "Menu". If the option is there, I have not noticed it.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

The ugly blue button has been part of the extension for a couple of versions now.

I had received a number of requests to make the menu button behave like other toolbar buttons. The blue icon was supposed to be an expanded drop down menu from the menu bar. It kind of works, but stands out too much. I'm not the greatest at creating icons.

I'd happily replace it with a better version of the button if either I could do a better job of it or someone provided me with a suitable replacement.

Nic_T said...

Going to have to agree with Anonymous on 10/12/2009

The blue button is pretty meh - please add an option to choose between text and the button!

Theme was pretty much perfect in my eyes before the "upgrade".

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

As I mentioned above, the blue menu icon has been a part of the theme for a couple of versions now (at least a year). I'm really surprised that folks are just now noticing it.

With that said, I'd be happy to replace it with a better icon if someone would come up with one. I will try to tone down the color, but I'm not very good at icon graphics design.

Adding an option to go back to just the word menu isn't really a viable option as it takes so much work to get all the translators to translate the theme and extension(there are around a dozen translations). It also can take months to get an updated extension approved. v1.2.1 of Classic Compact Options was uploaded in July and only now got approved in October.

An icon update would be part of the theme and it doesn't take as long for themes to be approved as it does extensions.

Gerard Samija said...

A pop-up notified me that your Firefox add-on Classic Compact Options had an update available. As usual for my selected add-ons I accepted and updated. Kablooey, or however that's spelled. Here's a screenshot of the result, tested through several Firefox restarts and toggling the plug-in off and on.

This is on XP installed to an Asus 901 netbook, running Firefox 3.5.3. I have tried toggling many of the options to no effect in ridding my view of this colossal band of uselessness. Everything else is working just dandy. I'd hate to lose the space your wonderful plugin gives me, but guess if it's going to stay messed up I'll have to keep not using it and just get used to the slightly less compact appearance in Firefox. Thanks for your efforts. I'll make a note to donate once I get some funds into my depleted PayPal account.

Gerard Samija
Windows Mobile MVP 2009

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...


Based on the screen capture you referenced, I believe the problem is that you are trying to use Classic Compact Options with the default Firefox theme. Classic Compact Options MUST be used with the theme Classic Compact. Classic Compact Options will not work correctly with any other theme. Once you install and start using the Classic Compact, I think you will see that Classic Compact Options will function properly.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

I discovered that only 200 blog comments will display on a blog post and there isn't an obvious indicator that there are more comments to review. To make sure the latest comments are visible, I have selectively deleted 20 older comments that were no longer relevant. So that there is space for new comments.

Gerard Samija said...

Thanks so much, you were absolutely right. I'd been using Classic Compact as a theme, of course, since first installing your Classic Compact Options. Somehow it got toggled off, no idea how, and I was just assuming that it had remained active. Re-activating it corrected the display problem, thank you.

Rochelle Paris said...

Am using the latest CC and CCO, and I love it on my 17" CRT screen.

Is it possible to get my 3 toolbars (MultiRow for bookmarks, one Roboform) not quite so high, and with a smaller font? I don't program, need the code precisely as it would be.

Rochelle said...

Image for my last post: http://picasaweb.google.com/Foxy0151446/MiscImages#5396742455107607234

I might have lost some compactness adding something else. Don't know what the original sizes of the toolbars were, but a reinstall of CC didn't help.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Rochelle, I'm not quite sure what you are asking for in regards to "not quite so high." It would take a great deal of experimenting to figure out how to change font sizes and without having your extensions installed there is no way to know what to target.

You could increase compactness by turning off the chiseled toolbar dividers in Classic Compact Options. The height of your toolbars look about right given you have the chiseled toolbar divider turned on. Reducing font size would not reduce toolbar height as icons are taller then text.

Claudio Roberto França Pereira said...

Hi there. I'm here to report a problem with the latest version of Classic Compact and Classic Compact Options.
I used to have this Firefox layout:
But with the latest versions of FF, now I get this layout:
I hope this is enough information, if you wish, you can ask for all my addons, but I can assure you I've not added anything layout related recently.

And the last, but not the lesser, a big THANK YOU for these GREAT pieces of software.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Hi Spidey,

It appears that you are now using large toolbar icons where you used to use small toolbar icons. To change this right mouseclick on your toolbar and select customize. Then check "use small icons". You can also restore your "home" button by dragging it from the "customize" pane.

The word "menu" was replace with a menu icon in a previous version of Classic Compact Options well over a year ago. This was done to increase compactness and had been requested by many users at the time.

Claudio Roberto França Pereira said...

Ah, so that was actually a feature, not a bug. Can I disable it? I don't like it, I feel like it doesn't fit in the toolbar or as a menu.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

The icon can't be disabled by itself. Whether the icon is displayed or text is displayed is determined by whether you display toolbar buttons as icons or as text.

User indicated they wanted the button to be an icon, so I did the best I could graphics wises. I'm not really a fan of the look of the button either, but I'm not good enough with graphics to make a really good looking one. I'm hoping someone will come along and provide a replacement icon that looks better. So far that has not happened.

Creating a new option that allows users to choose how the menu button behaves independently of the other toolbar buttons isn't really a viable option either because then the new option text would have to be translated into all languages Classic Compact Options supports which would take months. On top of this it took almost four months for the last update of CCO to get approved by add-on evaluators.

The best route would be to get a new icon graphic that looks good as the graphic file is housed in the Classic Compact theme file. Unlike extensions, themes typically get approved within a month or so. Also changing the icon wouldn't require updated language translation.

Will said...

I was going to try this to see if by chance it would work with the latest Minefield. But the addon page when viewed with Minefield will not allow me to try it because "it is for older versions of Firefox".

I understand that Minefield is not released and that your theme is understandably not updated for Minefield. But is there any way to try it to see if by chance it works acceptably? Any way to install it to Minefield other than from the official addon page at Firefox? Thanks!

Tim said...

Hi Ken,

I was wondering if you could help me on this. With a fresh install of FF and ONLY classic compact turned on (no addons) there are some options in the File & View drop down menus that are misaligned from the rest of the options inside the drop down menu.

To Clarify: Click on View and inside that menu the options of "Status Bar" and "Full Screen" aren't in line with the rest of the options. Those two options seem to be off to the left 2 or 3 characters compared to the rest. While under the File menu, the "Work Offline" is experiencing the same thing compared to the other options.

I was just curious if you were able to help me on this.

Thanks! Don't know what I would do without this theme :)

Unknown said...

Any update for 3.6b4? i really miss this addon :(

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

An update will be coming shortly. In the mean time, as far as I know there are only minor glitches with Classic Compact running on Firefox 3.6b4, so you can over ride the version checking if you would like.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a bug here. The classic compact theme doesn't apply evenly through firefox (i'm running 3.5.3 on linux). Go to organize bookmarks window & you'll see that the back button is still huge and therefore it doesn't show completely.

Sade Grimm said...

Excellent theme and options.

In Firefox 3.5.6 some add-ons don't display properly under the theme. Specifically radio buttons remain empty even when you click on them. ScribeFire is one of the extensions affected.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...


Are you also using the companion extension for Classic Compact called "Classic Compact Options"? If you are, please check to make sure that the option "OS System Colors" is set to "light/gray backgrounds". I'm quite sure this is your issue. I am running FF3.5.6 without any issue.

The wrong OS system color setting is the most common issue that gets reported for Classic Compact.

Sade Grimm said...


Thanks for the tip to set to "light/gray backgrounds". That did the job.

Sade Grimm said...


I spoke too soon. "Classic Compact Options" does not seem to sit well with ScribeFire. The suggestion you made did correct the radio buttons but all the icons on the posting page in ScribeFire (i.e. for font, underline, insert image etc.) disappear when the options add-on is enabled.

Best wishes, Josiah

Fred said...

I'HAVE FIX BUG ! RECAP (copy of me by me and add) and FIX ((for this blog now)):

Link Status

I confirm bug (i use add-on statusable and bug visible with add-on theme Classic Compact) : 'When you hover over a link with a very large URL, all my other Status Bar icons are shifted off screen to the right.' (bug on img 2009/07/25 http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/3929/bugoverflowskin.png )

Please, modify the file 'browserOverlay.css' !

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\abcd1234.default\extensions\{252c06c0-17cb-42e3-b034-57cbbf8b4bdb}\chrome\linkstatus.jar\content\


.statusbarpanel-text-linkstatus {
-moz-binding: url("chrome://linkstatus/content/bindings.xml#statusbarpanel-text-linkstatus");
/* anti bug overflow */
overflow: hidden;

FIX BUG === by me (i'm not expert! == Good job!): 1.2.0+.20090823-18h5600fr-FR = anti bug overflow + translation Fr (en-ja) + infos-bulles + img (for futur about.xul)(= see date file for see where are the edits!!) = http://www.cijoint.fr/cjlink.php?file=cj201001/cijtKJg10Z.zip or direct = http://www.cijoint.fr/cj201001/cijtKJg10Z.zip (1.2.0+.20090823-18h5600fr-FR) = Modif of Add-on Link Status Version 1.2

This is a great Add-on, thank you !
(I'm french, sorry for my english.)

(Link Status) Rated 4 on 5 stars January 7, 2010

Please add this consept fix bug inside add-on theme Classic Compact = /* anti bug overflow */ overflow: hidden; if it's possible, for fix all futurs others add-ons. And please, verify the compatibility with Easy YouTube Video Downloader :: Add-ons for Firefox. v2.1 = ok, but verify please css on youtube and function with your theme "Classic Compact". Thanks!

!!!Modify, please your design for fr language inside "Classic Compact Options". move the text e.g to right and select box to left and align the end of the select box. Thank you.

NOTE: Please, on pages AMO, there are links errors 404 (2 minimum) in the presentation of YOUR add-ons: /addons/ => /addon/ ; thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have been using Classic Compact in both windows and MacOS for long time. It's terrific in Windows. However in MacOS, the context menu is not behaving that well. The little "arrow" is missing for context menu item containing sub-menu, and font is not consistent. Is this bug awared?

Anonymous said...

Looks like there is a Problem with 3.6 and Personas. The "instant persone preview" doesn't work when classic compact is activated. And if you select a Persona then the menu gets messed up.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Under Firefox 3.6 Personas deactivate custom themes like Classic Compact. This was a design change in Firefox and there is nothing I can do to resolve the issue. You now have to choose whether you want to use Personas or use a custom theme like Classic Compact. You can no longer use both.

Anonymous said...

Classic Compact with Classic Compact Options is really great. Together with Personal Menu one get's a phantastic small browser command interface.

Thank you so much for your work!

(BTW: I do not really understand the advantages of "personas". Is it so important to have an image in background with bad and changing contrast to the control elements? I prefer a clear interface.)

Anonymous said...

Ken, congratulations for your theme :)

Is it possible to include the iFox Graphite 3.5 icons in your theme? I love their simplicity : square without any color.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone reproduce this problem with Classic Compact and Download Helper (http://www.downloadhelper.net/)?

The DownloadHelper icon in the status bar is using too much space. It's fine when I'm using the standard theme so it might be Classic Compacts fault.


Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

On the status bar, Classic Compact is just changing margins and padding of objects to strip out white space and make things more compact. Nothing it is doing should cause this behavior and I haven't seen this problem with other status bar icons. My hunch is that Download Helper is doing something in a non-standard way with its status bar icon.

Anonymous said...

DownloadHelper Icon Bug Guy here. They finally replied after almost 3 months. As expected they blame Classic Compact.

They said:

The problem is really in the theme style design, as the following sample code
(in the overlay) shows this top-aligned button issue using this theme:

Anonymous said...

Whoops. Looks like it didn't post the code. Just visit this page:

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Your screen capture shows that all other icons on your status bar line up correctly (even the ebay icon, which also has a dropdown menu). This means that Download Helper is doing something different than everyone else. If it was a top align problem as claimed it would affect the other icons as well, particularly the eBay icon. My suspicion is there is a stray white space or line break or other stray object in the DownloadHelper icon code that is causing a line wrapping, which is adding extra height to the status bar and forcing the Download Helper icon to the top.

Classic Compact is based on the default theme. I did not do anything to that section of the theme code that would have impacted vertical alignment of icons. All I did was: reduce padding and margins, and played around with borders in that area of the theme code.

Because of the rather modest changes I made to the default theme in relation to the status bar, I'm certain Classic Compact is not the only theme that Download Helper displays this problem, its just that the user either didn't report the problem or someone hasn't come across the other themes that would have the same problem.

This may suck, but the problem lays with DownloadHelper doing something differently than other status bar icons. By definition this is their problem and does probably impact some other "compact" themes.

Often times I do fix these types of compatibility issues with other extensions, but they always entail a one off "hack" that only addresses the specific issue with my theme, even though the problem probably exists with other themes as well.

The proper way to solve problems like this would be for the extension developer to make sure they are using standard DOM structure for the object in question and that they are not overriding any theme style rules.

If the Download Helper extension author looked at his code vs. the eBay icon code as well as other status bar icon code using the DOM inspector I'm sure he would find where his icon deviates from everyone else. A proper fix on his end would not negatively impact other themes, but would make sure his extension was more compatible with other themes in general.

Right now I just don't have time to fully investigate this. In addition, the current version of Classic Compact is reaching the end of its shelf life as I will soon have to start development on the next version of Classic Compact for Firefox 4. This new Classic Compact will have to be written from the ground up based on the Firefox 4 default theme. As such any fixes I apply to the current Classici Compact will be lost in the new version so the problem could return. If, however, it is correctly fixed in Download Helper, it will probably stay fixed.

Anonymous said...

I'm working on editing this theme with some different icons from another theme.


Right now it's not perfect, because I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm sort of just blindly tweaking.

I was wondering if you could take a look and possibly allow me to release this if it ever gets to a widely usable state.

Ken (EnvironmentalChemistry.com) said...

Classic compact is only a modified version of the default Firefox theme and it is released under a Mozilla Public License, which means it is share and share alike. As long as you allow others to make derivatives of your theme you can use Classic Compact as a starting point for your theme.

Just one word of warning, don't put too much effort into building a theme for Firefox 3.6 at this point as Firefox 4.0 isn't that far away and it is so vastly different from 3.6 that we will have to rebuild our themes from the ground up to make them compatible with Firefox 4.0.

Anonymous said...


I submitted it if you want to take a look. It seems to work with Compact Classic options and everything.

Thanks for the original theme!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Classic Compact theme Ken.
I hope that you are able to make a version for Firefox 4.

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