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New articles from new writers for EnvironmentalChemistry.com

By Kenneth Barbalace
[Thursday, May 25, 2006]
Recently my recruiting of new writers (http://environmentalchemistry.com/writerswanted.html) was picked up by several freelance writing web sites including WritersMarket.com. Writers Market is most known for their book "Writers Market", which is the bible of freelance writing. As a result of these sites listing my search for quality writers, I have been receiving lots of inquires from highly qualified professionals who are interested in contributing articles to EnvironmentalChemistry.com.

Over the next few months I will be publishing some great articles by these writers starting with an explosive article on the safety of some of the farm raised salmon that is potentially sold in your stores. This article should be published within the next week. This eye opening article is exceedingly interesting in that it is written by a scientist who has been close to the center of this issue since it erupted at the very end of 2005. If you ever only read one article at EnvironmentalChemistry.com you will want to come back in a week or so to click through and read that article once I have published it.

In reality, within the next month or so the only thing that will be slowing down the rate at which I publish new articles will be my budgetary restraints as to how many articles I can afford to purchase each month.

Nothing will please me more than when the traffic levels to EnvironmentalChemistry.com and the resulting ad revenues increase to a point where I can purchase and publish one or more articles per week. Here's hoping that this happens sooner than later.


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