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Norwegian farmed salmon production raises global concern

By Kenneth Barbalace
[Wednesday, May 31, 2006]
The quality of Norwegian farmed salmon has recently come into question with the Russian ban, illegal nitrate use, and a building body of evidence that consumers should limit their consumption.

This article was a serious coup for EnvironmentalChemistry.com as its writer was actually a senior scientist in seafood safety for the Norwegian government at the National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) and as a result was at the center of the storm. American's may not have heard much about this issue, but in Europe (especially Norway) it has been very big news.


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Anonymous said...

Don't buy /eat farmed PCSGA products. In Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Assoc. uses aerial sprayed pesticides to kill bait shrimp (salmon food) these corporate farms are literally killing our ocean!

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